How to Integrate

Step 1: Create a New Webhook in

  • Log in to your account.
  • Set up a new scenario using the Custom Webhook module.
  • Click the Create a Webhook button.
  • Name the webhook and confirm by clicking OK.

Step 2: Copy and Save the Webhook URL

  • Copy the webhook URL by selecting Copy Address to Clipboard.
  • Click OK and save your scenario.

Step 3: Paste the Webhook URL in Calorie Calculator Cloud

  • Go to your Calorie Calculator Cloud settings.
  • Navigate to the field for the webhook URL and paste the copied URL.
  • Save your calculator settings.

Step 4: Test the Webhook

  • In, click Run Once to start listening for incoming data.
  • Complete the calculator form on your website to send test data.
  • Check the received data in to configure its processing.

Step 5: Activate the Scenario

  • Once everything is configured and tested, activate the scenario by clicking the Scheduling button.

By following these steps, you can successfully set up and integrate a custom webhook in with your Calorie Calculator Cloud, ensuring data is received and processed correctly.