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marketing instruments - calorie calculator cloud
Integrate with your marketing platform

The Calorie Calculator Cloud integrates with HubSpot, Mailchimp and Zapier for users to share calorie calculations and receive personalized nutrition and fitness suggestions. The integration also provides valuable user behavior insights to improve marketing. Campaign Monitor, Convertkit, Aweber, Mailpoet, Constant Contact, Salesforce, Active Campaign, Sendinblue, and Klaviyo will be added for easier calorie calculation sharing. Businesses can use the data to enhance their marketing.

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Acquire more customers

Incorporating a calorie calculator into a website can serve as an enticing approach to entice fresh leads and customers. Individuals who utilize the calculator may express interest in supplementary services, such as guidance on healthy nutrition or workouts, thereby elevating the potential for an uptick in leads and sales.

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Increase your sales

Adding Calorie Calculator Cloud to a website can serve as an appealing instrument, given that it has the capacity to draw a substantial amount of traffic to the website. This, in turn, result in a surge of advertising impressions and lure more advertising contracts to the company.

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Communicate with your customers

You can gather and utilize comprehensive client information across various marketing platforms through convenient CSV downloads. The available data includes first name, last name, email address, phone number, website URL, and more, with a total of 24 fields. All user data is securely stored in the database and can be accessed on the entries page.
Effortlessly configure the display of entries in the admin panel and access detailed information for each entry on a dedicated page.

What can be configured in the Calorie Calculator Cloud?

Set up viewing results

You can set up the most suitable way for your users, whether it’s to send the results via email, display them instantly on the screen, or combine the two options.

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Alter tone of voice

Let the Calorie Calculator Cloud speak your voice. You can change not only the title, but block names and descriptions, too. Make them sound more cheerful or official and formal – the way your website does.
In addition you can change the unit names and even the recaptcha Error message.

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By making the Calorie Calculator Cloud multilingual, we strive to make the service accessible to as many people as possible and remove language barriers. This feature is an important step towards creating a more inclusive and accessible digital environment.

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Want the Calculator to fit into your website seamlessly? Now it’s even easier than before. Check out the new, refurbished templates and dozens of color options.

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User time on your website
Your users will be pleased with the extensive functionality your website.
Improve the number of leads
One of our clients attracted 3 500 leads in 10 days after installing the Calorie Calculator Cloud.
Flexible design options
Check out the new, refurbished templates and dozens color schemes.
optimized code - calorie calculator cloud
optimized code - calorie calculator cloud
Optimized code

The Calorie Calculator Cloud is fast and functional, thanks to its professional development, ensuring a smooth and seamless user experience. if you have specific needs, the plugin can be customized to fit your requirements.

entertaining - calorie calculator cloud
entertaining - calorie calculator cloud

Calorie Calculator Cloud offers an engaging and enjoyable experience for users, akin to playing a game. This keeps visitors on your website for longer, improving search engine results and increasing the chances of interaction and conversion into customers.

enhance the credibility of your website - calorie calculator cloud
Enhance the credibility of your website

Calorie Calculator Cloud’s reliable tool for tracking fitness goals and calorie intake establishes your website as a trustworthy resource for health and fitness. Visitors see it as valuable guidance in their wellness journey, building an engaged, loyal audience that trusts your expertise.

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With its optimized code, good support, and regular updates, the Calculate Cloud is a reliable and efficient tool for any website. The development team works on regular updates, expanding the plugin’s functionality with each release.
The team is always willing to work with you to add the necessary options and ensure the plugin meets your specific needs, just email us.

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Moving Forward, Looking Forward

Improvements and features to Calorie Calculator Cloud on our 2023 roadmap.

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Calorie Calculator Cloud is your choice if your business is:

calorie calculator cloud In Health, Sport, Fitness & Wellness, Nutrition or Sustainable Living
In Health, Sport, Fitness & Wellness, Nutrition or Sustainable Living
calorie calculator cloud for customers with a healthy lifestyle mindset
For customers with a healthy lifestyle mindset
calorie calculator cloud - Aimed at promoting healthy dieting
Aimed at promoting healthy dieting
calorie calculator cloud In the sports nutrition production
In the sports nutrition production
calorie calculator cloud for Online stores of dietary supplements
Online stores of dietary supplements
calorie calculator cloud In the nutritionology and many others
In the nutritionology and many others
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Your ideas can be here!

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