How to Integrate ConvertKit?

Step 1: Access Your ConvertKit Account

  • Go to your ConvertKit account page.
  • Click on your account in the upper right corner.
  • From the dropdown menu, select Settings.

Step 2: Retrieve API Key and Secret

  • On the Settings page, scroll down and select Advanced from the menu on the left.
  • On the Advanced page, you will see your API Key and API Secret. Copy both the API Key and API Secret.

Step 3: Integrate ConvertKit with Calorie Calculator Cloud

  • Open the Integrations tab in your Calorie Calculator Cloud settings. Select ConvertKit from the list of integrations.
  • Check the box next to ConvertKit and click on it.
  • Fields will appear when entering your API Key and API Secret. Paste the API Key and API Secret that you copied from your ConvertKit account. Click the Connect button.
  • Enter any tag in the provided field and click Add.
  • Configure the data you want to collect from users using the calculator.

Step 4: View Subscriber Data in ConvertKit

  • Go to the Subscribers page in ConvertKit. You will see the data collected from the calculator users.

    Now you have successfully integrated ConvertKit and can manage and view subscriber data collected through the calculator.