How to Configure the Contact Form and Add Additional Fields?

Step 1: Go to Calculator Settings

  • Open the settings of your calculator.

Step 2: Select the Result Tab

  • Navigate to the Result tab.

Step 3: Configure User Form Fields

  • In the submenu, select User Form.
  • Go to the form field settings.

Step 4: Select Additional Fields

  • Use the checkboxes to select the fields you want to include in the form. These can be:
    • Phone number
    • Age
    • Website URL
    • Message
    • Any other information
  • You can change the order of the fields by holding the icon to the left of the checkbox and dragging it to the desired position.

Step 5: Set Mandatory Fields

  • To the right of each field, use the switch to set whether the field is mandatory.
  • Mandatory fields mean that the user will not be able to submit the form until they fill in these fields.

Step 6: Save Changes

  • To save your changes, click the Save Change button in the upper right corner.

Now your contact form will include additional fields to gather the necessary information from users.