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IQ Kitchen are smart diets that will help you adjust your weight and eat right at the level of a restaurant menu

Rations are selected to reduce or maintain weight without starvation and unleavened meals. After all, it’s not “magic” foods that help to correct weight, but only a competent deficit or surplus of calories.

Our diets maintain a balanced intake of nutrients, meeting the body's daily nutritional requirements. Vitamins and appropriate carbohydrates offer sustained energy for an active lifestyle.

Meals are prepared by chefs and delivered in lunch boxes every morning or evening. Ready-made rations save you time on cooking and visiting restaurants. Restaurant food delivered directly to your home or work.

The diet of each program

Weight loss

A set for those who want to comfortably lose extra pounds. Nutrient equilibrium helps to reduce weight without losing muscle quality. Diet for maintaining and gaining weight. Balanced meals for those who lead an active lifestyle and take care of their health.

Balanced diet

The Detox set is designed for those who prefer intensive body cleansing systems. Light smoothies unload the body and saturate with valuable trace elements.

Detox program

If you have not found a suitable diet for yourself, we will help you create an individual nutrition program tailored to your wishes.

Choose your set

The set is suitable for those who want to comfortably lose extra pounds. Foods with a low glycemic index prolong the feeling of satiety. Nutrient equilibrium helps to maintain the quality of the body. Therefore, weight loss occurred due to the loss of adipose tissue, and not muscle mass.

Approximate cost, kkal:




We accept orders at least 2 days in advance in order to have time to find the right ingredients.

Alex Smith

Is the owner of a network of registered confectioneries and the founder of the IQKitchen project